About us

A few international companies are controlling the global seed market. And they are controlling what's on our plate. Change is necessary.

Our goal: Creating a seed commons

A seed commons secures free access to seed which is the basis for diversity in plant breeding, crops and their varieties. We are committed to:

  • The adaptation of agriculture to climate change
  • The reduction of chemicals and genetic engineering in agriculture 
  • Food security and sovereignty for an expected number of 11 billion people

To achieve our goal, we protect seed as a commons for all. With OpenSourceSeeds we aim to establish a non-private, commons based seed sector. We envision that this will become the second pillar of seed provision. OpenSourceSeeds was founded in 2017 by Agrecol e.V.

The mission: protecting seed as commons.

The team

Sophie Steigerwald
Public Relation
Adrien Labaeye
Research & bread project
Lea Doobe
Management assistance & PR
Lea Forster
Direct marketing
Antonia Kotschi
Global cooperations
Johannes Kotschi

What we do

We protect seed as commons
  • Licensing and management of open-source varieties
  • Advice and support for plant breeders
  • Testing the effect and compatibility of the licence

Only a few international companies share control over the global seed market. This trend towards seed monopolies threatens food security. With the open-source seed licence we can legally protect seed as a commons and offer an alternative to privatisation of our livelihood.

    We promote independent plant breeding
    • Research on financing non-private plant breeding
    • Marketing of free varieties
    • Pilot projects on financing non-private plant breeding

    We need independent plant breeders to bring diversity to our fields. Unfortunately, there is no financing model for non-private plant breeding. So far, there is not much financial potential that can be exploited. We are helping independent breeders to bring new varieties to the market. In addition, we are researching new ideas to establish a seed commons and are seeking new business and financing concepts for open-source seed.

    We are teaming up for diversity
    • Participation in the Global Open-Source Seed Initiative (GOSSI) 
    • Public Relations and raising awareness
    • Advising various stakeholders and networking

    A commons needs community. We work closely with companies and initiatives in the seed sector. Breeders, agronomists, lawyers and commons activists support us in the Strategy Group and the Supporters Circle. We take part in the coordination of the Global Open-Source Seed Initiative (GOSSI). We do public relation addressing producers, traders and consumers. We want to empower everyone to have a say and we work to place the topic in the political discussion.

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